Sunday, 24 July 2016

More Than We Seem... where it all started.

John Freeman over on Down The Tubes has been going through small press/independent comics of the Mid 1990s and name checks my first go at producing a comic book, called More Than We Seem, which I co-created with writer Larry Betts.
It was an opportunity to learn the whole 'making your own comic' process and business, but wasn't something that I could keep going and so ended around issue 6.
Great fun while it lasted though and nice of John to remember it.


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  2. Ha! Ha! yes a real blast from the past, the article was put together by long time small press creator & supporter, Andy Luke who picked his Top 60 small press titles,find links for full listing

    Lots of (now) familar names get a mention including yours truly...Happy days but amazing how the 'scene' has developed in the time passed...

    (mmm reposted this as link didn't seem to work?)

  3. Yep .. it's a whole new creative community these days isn't it. Great to see it continue to be so diverse and engaging.