Saturday, 28 August 2010

Strange SFX Times...

My Strange Times webcomic (also available in collected hard cover edition ;o) got a great little mention in Issue 200 of SFX this month, which is nice as SFX is read by a whole load of SciFi fans across the UK, and possibly the world.

I'm an SFX reader myslef and use it to judge what films I should be catching (usually on BluRay as I don't get to the cinema much) and what books to read. I tend not to bother with their Comic Review pages though as they are always a bit too mainstream for me, I get my Comic info from Tales From The Parent's Basement Podcasts.

It's a great advert for Strange Times though and all I had to do was email the link to the email address at the bottom of the article (see above) ...

Sunday, 8 August 2010

The Captain America blues ....

Been a busy week this week ... catching up with the 300 odd emails at work ... yep ... things just carry on when you're not around.

More interestingly I've now printed off Andy Bloor's Wolfmen 2 pages and they are great. Really impressive work. Our process is that I now sit down and script it more tightly, as Andy has put many of my words into the images. This typically means that I end up writing it from scratch with his visuals as the thread through the story. I'm not sure if other people work this way but I enjoy the opportunity to re-write the script in this way and believe that a better comic is the result.

Well, back to work ... if you can call this work :o) Did I mention that I've now seen all the pages of Andy's fabulous artwork ... and everyone else has to wait another month :o)

Sunday, 1 August 2010

Jersey... The place to be if there's a Zombie attack.

Just back from a very relaxing holiday in Jersey.

As always when I'm travelling, my mind starts to wander and subconsciously look for good hide outs in case of a Zombie Attack (Yep ... I probably should visit the Dr.). Well Jersey has the best structures I've ever seen. Whether built to ward off the Normans, the French or the Allies, it has a lot of solid buildings with elevated windows and doors that can be easy enhanced to make them proof against the mindless creatures. No glass windows at ground level for them to burst through, in some cases a great surrounding wall and others surrounded by the waves at low tide. Yep ... come the Zombies Plague I'm heading for Jersey.