Tuesday, 15 September 2015

WesterNoir... the saga continues.

I've just had it confirmed by Stuart Gould, our trusted printer, that WesterNoir #6 will be printed in time for the London MCM event in October.
The tale is really picking up pace now as Josiah Black faces... well... now that'd be telling.
As the sketch packs, which include issues 1 to 4 and Tales of WesterNoir #1 (what we call 'Season 1'), are selling really well, Gary has had to fit in drawing another batch for the London MCM event. I've been busy painting them whilst Gary gets on with art on Issue 7.
There are a limited number of these, so if you're interested then I'd recommend popping over to the Accent UK table sooner rather than later.
Of course ... I might keep some myself and hope that Gary doesn't notice...
And whilst you're looking at a picture of one of the 'Gator-boys' as we call 'em, check out a recent review over on Reading-with-a-flight-ring.