Monday, 31 December 2018

The 42nd Post.

I feel very fuzzy headed.
So all I can do really is post a photo..
Have a great evening and all the best to you all in 2019.
Promises to be an interesting year.

Most eagerly awaited Kickstart has landed.

Skies Of Fire collected edition.
A nice end to the year.
Came home to find this :o)
Just wish I was feeling well enough to play with the photo, taken by my iPhone, to get it the right way up.
Sadly I'm just starting another cold.
Feeling crap.
Concentration not great... but I have to do one more posting to keep up the 42 Posts a year.

Coming in 2020 - a secret project.

I've been in discussions in the background about finishing off one of my earlier projects.
I would love to see this happen.
Oh yeah.
I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Coming in 2019 -WesterNoir Issue 9

This one worries me less than the others as Gary Crutchley, co-wrtier and artist, does most (if not all, the work :o).
I call it the Marvel method.

This year has had me feeling a little odd.

Maybe it's the Brexit fears.

Toronto (TCAF) Con.

And... as if that isn't enough... if we get accepted for Toronto than I'll need to finish my collage book.
The A to Z of Super-Weirdoes.
OK... now I'm really worried.

Coming in 2019 - Enter The Asylum Issue 2

We need to get busy on this one first thing next year.
That'll be tomorrow then.

Coming in 2019 - Stephenson's Robot - issue 5.

I've been busy with other projects this year and got too distracted on them to actually do what I needed to do to get Issue 5 to the printer.
This is my top priority now and I'm getting there with colouring.
And the back up story in this issue is the Blind Priest from David Hitchcock.

Coming in 2019 - Kickstarter Exclusive, working title 'Vengeance Mask'.

Also, as a dabble in the Kickstarter world, I've worked with Barry Renshaw to produce a 12 page comic in the Blessed / Cursed range which will be released on KS with either Kan Mesmer, which never went through Diamond (no surprise there then) or The Changeling.
I'll be looking to greyscale this one I think, although it is nice and clean... I just want to play with the Mask.

Coming in 2019 - Kia Wordsmith issue 2

Ian has been producing some excellent pages behind the scenes and what I've seen is as stunning as expected. He's really perfecting his craft, his already is already up there.
The eagle eyed amongst you might see something strangely familiar.
It's all part of the plan.

AQUAMAN - A whole lotta film.

I think that quote from one of my nephews says it all really.
It really didn't stop from the offset, flipping with ease between Arthur as a baby, young boy, young man and then fully grown bridge between two worlds.
Flipping between understated, but very effective, underwater cinematography and your more normal land based affair.
Very enjoyable and up there with Wonder Woman.
I think DC have turned a corner and I'm looking forward to the next movie, although I'm not sue what and when that is.
If you do get a change then go see it.
It is certainly a film that will work better on the big screen.

Friday, 28 December 2018

Christmas is a RISKy business.

Time again for the annual RISK challenge.
Me vs my daughter.
Would I reverse a trend?
My green arm, if I can call them that, ran out of continents and ended up fitting their last engagement in Australia.
Maybe next year I'll fair better.
Mind you... it's difficult competing with die rolls like that ... just saying.

Spider-Ham, Spider-Ham, does whatever a... err...well...

Went with Jemma to see the new animated Spider-Man movie.
It was this one or Aquaman and we decided on this as we didn't think it had much time left in the cinema.
Was it a good choice?
Yep. A great little film full of heart.
Is it the best Spider-Man film I've ever seen?
Yep, I think it is. Lots of laugh out loud moments too.
If you do go and watch it then do stay for the post credits extra ... very funny.

I hope they do a sequel.

Next up - Aquaman. I hope it moves DC movies in the right direction. I've just heard that Titan here pulling the plug on the DC comics they publish for the likes of W H Smiths. Hope things pick up for DC soon. marvel is doing some great stuff, but it's good to have a decent alternative.

Friday, 21 December 2018

Lindor Loveliness.

Well, gone are the days of fighting over the dark chocolate Lindor chocolates.
At the local Sainsburys you can pick and mix.
Luckily I only noticed this on the way out.
I might have to pop back tomorrow though...

Tuesday, 18 December 2018

Coming in 2019 - Working title 'The Changeling'.

I wrote a story about 3 years ago, another in my Blessed / Cursed series.
Gustavo Tataje illustrated a tale in issue 3 of Tales of WesterNoir, to see how he did at story telling.
I gave him the script.
It's a pretty big script.
A year and a bit later (he had to fit it around his fabulous personal projects) and it's largely completed.
I've read the first draft, and made my usual requests to re-write bits in an attempt to lift my writing to the level of his art (much as I do with Ian's work on Kia Wordsmith).
It should be ready sometime early next year.
I think people who liked the earlier Blessed / Cursed books will love it.

Yep, this will certainly be out, but it won't be first.

Sunday, 16 December 2018

Portsmouth 2019

First Con booked for next year.
I'll be flying the Accent UK banner at Portsmouth.
Last year, which was their first, was great, so I'm really looking forward to going back.

Illustration Cupboard.

I popped into London yesterday and one of the things I wanted to do was to pop into The Illustration Cupboard for the last time.
Sadly it's closing at the end of the year.
Rates were increasing year on year and had just become too expensive.
Very sad news.
I'd met David McKee in store earlier in the year and bought some of his originals.
I'd also promised myself a Shaun Tan one day.
Doesn't sound like they will be opening up elsewhere.
I love unique little shops like this.
It's a shame that they are struggling to compete and becoming fewer and fewer as time goes on.