Sunday, 24 July 2016

Glasgow Comic Con... which answers a question I posed years ago...

As much as we enjoy the spectacle that is that MCM event, it is nice to go to an out and out comic show now and then. the Glasgow Comic Con has been going a good number of years now and we've had a table at the last three (I think).
Again, this show seems to suffer from the fact that there are just so many shows these days and sales seem to reduce a little year on year. That said, it's always been a pretty good show for us so we'd hate to miss it.
A long drive up where Colin and I typically discuss Accent UK's 'Next 5 year' plan which just as typically fails to survive the year we agree it. Finding the venue and hotel were much simpler than in recent years and the venue has moved to a concert hall about 3 minutes walk from the hotel we usually book.
We were set up pretty sharpish on Saturday morning and looking forward to a good two days.
There would certainly be no logistical reasons for poor attendance at this show as it was pretty much in the heart of the city.
And so it proved to be really. Plenty of people found their way into the event and they were pretty much all looking for independent comics.
Sure there was Cosplay and there were people looking for the latest copy of XMen but in the main the people stopping at tables were genuinely interested in who we were and what we were doing.
We really enjoyed the two days, and I also got to answer one of my long unanswered questions...
Yep, great stuff.
See you all the event next year, if not sooner at the Glasgow MCM in a few months,

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