Sunday, 28 February 2010

Follow the yellow brick road ...

Well, Accent UK are off to our first ever US Comicon, Seattle's Emerald City Comicon to be precise. We've been invited to share a table with our friends over at Tales From The Parent's Basement, where we will help them sell copies of their anthology '8am', which contains contributions from a few Accent UK regulars, including a prequel to Whatever Happened To The World's Fastest Man ?, written by myself and illustrated by Marleen Lowe (of course). We'll also take as many copies of Accent UK stuff as we can fit into our suitcases, hand luggage and pockets.

It's a fair old trip ... but I can't wait !!

Check it out at

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Moonlighting Wolfmen .. with words

I had these words in my mind as I pulled this image together ... thought I'd finish it for the blog.

Sunday, 7 February 2010

Shane Oakley is having an 'Almost January Sale' ...

.. over on his blog ... and does commissions ... he's got a very unique style ... so if you collect sketches around a theme then your collection will be all the better for having a piece of his artwork in there ..

Check out his blog at for more ...

Wolfmen Moonlighting

When times were hard The Wolfmen could be found moonlighting as bouncers down at Roxy's.
Well ... you can blame Mr. Bloor for this one ... hope you like it Andy ... I seem to be growing a little list of characters to have a crack at ... good fun so thanks for the suggestions.