Tuesday, 18 December 2018

Coming in 2019 - Working title 'The Changeling'.

I wrote a story about 3 years ago, another in my Blessed / Cursed series.
Gustavo Tataje illustrated a tale in issue 3 of Tales of WesterNoir, to see how he did at story telling.
I gave him the script.
It's a pretty big script.
A year and a bit later (he had to fit it around his fabulous personal projects) and it's largely completed.
I've read the first draft, and made my usual requests to re-write bits in an attempt to lift my writing to the level of his art (much as I do with Ian's work on Kia Wordsmith).
It should be ready sometime early next year.
I think people who liked the earlier Blessed / Cursed books will love it.

Yep, this will certainly be out, but it won't be first.

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