Sunday, 29 January 2012

Robot Shorts have arrived...

Thursday saw delivery of mine and Steve Holder's little book of short Robot stories, Robot Shorts, and once again Andy Bloor has added his design skills to make this a great little package. I can't be more pleased with how this has turned out.
I'll be in touch with people who contributed a pin up over the coming week, to see where to send their free copy to, and will have this on the stall at all future Conventions.
Belmat, who will also appear at Cons (if I can squeeze him into the bag) is still progressing, albeit slowly due to all the other things going on. Jane, my wife, made a little pair of shorts out of fabric with a robot print on it, to go inside the ex-washing machine. See... layers within layers :o)

I must say, he doesn't look too happy about it...

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