Thursday, 5 January 2012

The Finished One-Eyed Robot.

I've managed to finish the silver One-Eyed Robot. He doesn't appear in Robot Shorts, sadly, but I'm pleased with how he's turned out.I managed to get some of the words to show through the paintwork, which is what I was trying to acheive, and the silver colour brings all the pieces together nicely I think. I've still got to finish Belmat's hands, but I'm getting there with him as well.

I must say that making these has been very enjoyable and I may do some more.

In other news, the cover proof for Robot Shorts has been sent out but is now in the local Royal Mail depot as nobody was in to sign for it ... drat. I'll pick it up on Saturday.

Also, it's EAGLE Awards time again and both Andy Bloor and The Fall Of The Wolfmen have been listed ... if you think them worthy then we'd welcome the vote.


  1. He looks great. We should have included him

  2. Yep ... I made him afterwards sadly ... but I do quite like the way he's come out .. maybe for Robot Shorts 2 ?;o)