Saturday, 28 August 2010

Strange SFX Times...

My Strange Times webcomic (also available in collected hard cover edition ;o) got a great little mention in Issue 200 of SFX this month, which is nice as SFX is read by a whole load of SciFi fans across the UK, and possibly the world.

I'm an SFX reader myslef and use it to judge what films I should be catching (usually on BluRay as I don't get to the cinema much) and what books to read. I tend not to bother with their Comic Review pages though as they are always a bit too mainstream for me, I get my Comic info from Tales From The Parent's Basement Podcasts.

It's a great advert for Strange Times though and all I had to do was email the link to the email address at the bottom of the article (see above) ...


  1. Nice Dave. It is well deserved. Congrats, and those guys at TPB will lead you astray. Be careful.

  2. Cally will lead you astray. Well, morally...

  3. Yep, I know what you mean. I always put the podcasts through my language/ethics/morals filter :o)

    Dave W