Sunday, 8 August 2010

The Captain America blues ....

Been a busy week this week ... catching up with the 300 odd emails at work ... yep ... things just carry on when you're not around.

More interestingly I've now printed off Andy Bloor's Wolfmen 2 pages and they are great. Really impressive work. Our process is that I now sit down and script it more tightly, as Andy has put many of my words into the images. This typically means that I end up writing it from scratch with his visuals as the thread through the story. I'm not sure if other people work this way but I enjoy the opportunity to re-write the script in this way and believe that a better comic is the result.

Well, back to work ... if you can call this work :o) Did I mention that I've now seen all the pages of Andy's fabulous artwork ... and everyone else has to wait another month :o)


  1. I always letter a comic that way, Dave. Seems a missed opportunity not to - there are always little variations in the art that let the dialogue take a back seat, or require a bit more explanation. Also, any writer revisiting work a few weeks or months (even days!) after 'finishing' it will always find stuff to fix or improve.

    Looking forward to seeing the published book.

  2. I can't wait to see the finished book!
    I've actually learned something from this post that I can apply to my own writing. Thanks Dave.
    Lastly, poor Cap.

  3. 'm really looking forward to reading the final thing - I love working this way and Dave really is the best collaborator I've had the chance to work with.

  4. That's the way stan and jack did it..