Sunday, 1 August 2010

Jersey... The place to be if there's a Zombie attack.

Just back from a very relaxing holiday in Jersey.

As always when I'm travelling, my mind starts to wander and subconsciously look for good hide outs in case of a Zombie Attack (Yep ... I probably should visit the Dr.). Well Jersey has the best structures I've ever seen. Whether built to ward off the Normans, the French or the Allies, it has a lot of solid buildings with elevated windows and doors that can be easy enhanced to make them proof against the mindless creatures. No glass windows at ground level for them to burst through, in some cases a great surrounding wall and others surrounded by the waves at low tide. Yep ... come the Zombies Plague I'm heading for Jersey.


  1. When you said you were going on vacation to an island by France, I pictured you in a Daniel Craig, "Casino Royale" bathing suit.
    The zombie post surprised me.

  2. Well that's not to say I didn't have such a bathing suit. It never left the hotel room though as I wouldn't want to scare any other bathers.
    The sea was pretty cold, as it always is around here, but at least off Jersey you could see the sand on the bottom as you swam ... and the odd fish.
    It just occured to me that the buildings would be ideal Zombie Proof Buildings, so if you bump into Robert Kirkman you might want to mention it .. maybe an offshoot to the Walking Dead series, which I can't wait for ...

  3. You don't need to worry about visiting the Doctor about're not the only person that thinks like this.

    Me and my friends talk about the Zombie Apocalypse all the time, regularly visiting B&Q and Homebase to browse the weapon selection.

    I make sure I have a "Zombie Plan" for every new location I visit.

    I'm starting to think it'll never actually happen though :(