Saturday, 31 December 2016

The 42nd Post.

Well it's been a very strange and very difficult year.
I've been going through a personal situation that has had an impact on those around me and am coming out the other side having to make changes.
I have had lots of help and support on the way, and thank those that have been there for me.
2017 will start a new chapter for me. I won't write my usual list of things I hope to achieve or look back at the things I failed to get done last year. I'll be kind to myself and look to next year as being one of sorting myself out.
Anything else that happens will be a bonus.
See you in 2017.
It's good to take off your helm, put down you staff
and just sit back and enjoy a bottle of pop.
Even if you're the Norse God of Mischief. 


  1. Ah, thought you might not get to '42' this time, but shows how focused you can be. I'm sure the year to come will be a bit easier than the year before for everyone concerned. Enjoy the surprises and challenges along the way. See you in 2017 😜