Saturday, 31 December 2016

Listen Without Prejudice...

Sometime late in the 20th Century I was at a loss as to what to buy in the local HMV and came across this.
I wasn't a big fan of George Michael.
I wasn't a big fan of the sort of music that you're expected to jump up and dance to.
I remember a sales assistant wandering past as I was about to put it back and saying, 'That's a great album ... nothing like his other stuff ... but still great'.
I was intrigued.
I looked at the title and decided to follow its request... or demand.
It's one of my favourite CDs.
Very moody ... mostly acoustic (I think) ... well written ... thought provoking.
I often wonder why George didn't continue in the vein. He obviously had a great talent.
Maybe the expectations of the masses (I don't think this was as commercially successful as the more 'dance' oriented CDs were) drove him in a different direction.
He's gone now.
No chance of a Listen Without Prejudice Vol 2.
I'll just have to be content that he gave us Vol 1.

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