Monday, 22 February 2016

WesterNoir #6 in Lego.

This one has been a real challenge.
As Gary and I come up with the characters in our story I sometimes dread the time when I'll probably have to make a Lego version of them. Such was the case with Lillian and Gillian the co-joined twins in issue 6 of WesterNoir.
I had to make them in such a way as not to scare the children (and an earlier version looked like something from The Thing) who love looking at the Lego characters at Conventions.
Hopefully what I ended up with is OK, I guess we'll find out.
Lillian and Gillian are very strong and very central characters, the daughters of an even more central character... I'll say no more for now.


  1. Wow that's great Dave but isn't Gillian supposed to be on the left?

  2. ha... no ..wait a minute ... oh ... damn ... 'Scalpel !'...

  3. I didn't want to say anything Colin because of the trouble he went to. I'm glad you bought it up not me...I suppose it's payback for the "cover" comment.