Monday, 18 January 2016

Tales of WesterNoir #2 and a review of WesterNoir #3.

Tales of WesterNoir Issue 2 (and not book 2 following a few comments... rightly made) has arrived and it looks great.
Both stories in this issue feature Jim Wilson, the monster hunter before Josiah Black, and who Josiah killed in WesterNoir Issue 1.
My story 'Lure for a Monster' has been illustrated by the very talented Mal Earl and Gary Crutchley's 'A Righteous Man' by the equally talented Joe Campbell who brought my Missing : Have You Seen The Invisible Man? story to life a couple of years ago. Two very different styles make for a very interesting book visually.
Tales of WesterNoir Issue 2 will be launched at the DemonCon event in Maidstone on the 7th February.

WesterNoir Issue 3 got a great review over at, from a new reader of the series.

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