Saturday, 23 January 2016

Move Over Moriarty.

It seems to be traditional now that Accent UK take a trip to Waterside Arts Centre to catch up with the two ladies, Maggie Fox and Sue Ryding, that are Lip Service, for their latest two woman show.
This year the ladies turn their attention to bring a Sherlock Holmes tale to the stage.
As we have come to expect they each tackle many roles (so there are plenty of costume changes), they poke fun at the subject matter and they enjoy themselves.
What I love about these ladies is that they look to be enjoying themselves as much as the audience and there are moments when they 'seem' to improvise to great comedic effect. I say 'seem' as it is so funny that it feels like these moments should be part of the play (and maybe they are).
With all the rushing around and costume changes Watson came on stage without his moustache. I think everybody noticed it, Sherlock certainly did on the stage.
'Ah,' he said, 'you've shaved'.
'Err ..', Watson looks at the audience a moment,' Yes, but I have the kind of hair that grows back very quickly. in 12 hours you wouldn't know I had shaved at all.'
Watson then quickly disappears through the door and returns almost immediately with moustache.
'See', he says.
It's a very British act and I'm not sure that it would travel well abroad but young and old in the audience enjoyed every minute.
Can't wait to see what the ladies come back with next year. A Sci-Fi adaptation would be cool.

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