Sunday, 12 April 2015

Birmingham Comics Festival next weekend, and other stuff.

It's been a busy few weeks and now we're all focused on next Saturday's comic festival in Birmingham. It's the organiser's first event but they've certainly been putting in a lot of time and effort promoting the event through the web and SFX magazine. It should be great.
From an Accent UK perspective, we've had to reprint issue 1 of WesterNoir as the first printing has all but sold out, which is great news. We've taken the opportunity to also change the cover slightly to bring it more in line with later editions, so the second printing cover looks like...
Also, great news that co-creator and artist of WesterNoir, Gary Crutchley, has been invited as a Guest of the event, let's hope it doesn't go to his head...
We'll be giving away a free print to the first Magnificent Seven customers who buy a complete set of the first WesterNoir mini-series (4 issues), and as usual there'll be plenty of other great books to pick up, including the first issue of our new 7 issue Stephenson's Robot series, with limited edition Tarot Card.
The focus of last month was the 50th birthday of Accent UK co-founder Colin Mathieson. I clubbed together with Gary and Colin's family to buy him a gift that we knew he would really appreciate ...
...I think we hit the mark there. Certainly the biggest present Colin has ever received... now he just needs to find somewhere to hang it...


  1. Ha! Ha! Well you certainly captured my genuine surprise there Dave! Thanks again to everyone for probably the best gift I've ever received....and no we've not found a spare wall big enough to hang it from yet :)

  2. No problem Colin, it's a pleasure giving you something that I know you will treasure.
    The surprise on your face equaled that on Karen's as she finally understood why I kept trying to give her an indication as to how big the thing is.