Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Spanish newspaper reviews Wolfmen and WesterNoir...

I'm just back from the Helsinki Comic Festival (full report to follow) where, amongst many other great people, we met Eduardo Serradilla who, apart from being very knowledgeable and passionate about comics (amongst other things), also writes reviews for a Spanish newspaper, Eldiario.es.
Eduardo loved the covers to WesterNoir and The Wolfmen and took copies home with him on the first day promising that if he liked them then he'd review them for the Eldiario.es website. 
He popped over to the stall the next day and showed us printouts of the reviews, with the overall comment that he, and his wife Elena, loved them.
Sadly the Wolfmen review is in Spanish only but Eduardo talked at length about how much he loved the way that Andy's art flowed like a movie.

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