Sunday, 9 December 2012

More Stephenson's Robot...

Still busy in my spare moments colouring pages of Stephenson's Robot.
I'm really enjoying studying INDIO!s panels in detail, there's some crazy, scarily good stuff in there.
I had a meeting with Andy Bloor last week and discussed the design aspects of the book, as a high level. Andy has already worked his magic on the cover design and as always it's very impressive. This is gonna be a very solid book I think.
Talking of great books, I've also been updating the Accent UK website with details of WesterNoir Issue 2 and today hope to have added it to the BUY page. It's a challenge for me as I'm no expert and the new(er) look website is more complicated to maintain than the old one, but looks so much better it's worth the effort.

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