Tuesday, 5 June 2012

WesterNoir gets reviewed over on Burnt Weiners...

WesterNoir has had a great review over on Burntweiners, pop over and have a listen.
It's reviewed as part of their Indie Rack (and is No. 4), and is discussed alongside such worthy titles as 'Into The Woods' from the Small Press Big Mouth people, under a wonderful cover from Andy Bloor.
We are very grateful to podcasts like Burnt Weiners, Tales From The Parents Basement and Small Press Big Mouth for raising our profile by reviewing our books, and as Jim says on the Podcast, these podcasters are an unsung hero of the Independent Comic scene. The hardest part about publishing an independent book is making people aware of it and these guys really do help, so 'Thanks podcasters, wherever you are'... hmmm ... sounds like the last line to an old TV Series that I used to watch .. what was it now .. Night Caller springs to mind but I've no idea if that's correct or even what it was about ...


  1. Midnight Caller about a late night DJ. "Goodnight America, wherever you are". Sumyra :)

  2. That's the one ... thanks Sumyra ... can't remember much about it, except that I used to enjoy watching it.