Sunday, 13 May 2012

Robots I met last month in Brooklyn.

Every year I attend the Mocca Comic Convention in New York, and as this was Accent UK's second visit we decided this year that we'd venture a little further than we did last year, and go to Brooklyn. There were a couple of comic shops to visit after all.
One of these stores was Desert Island Comics, a shop that sells, pretty much exclusively, independent comics.
Gabe, the owner, is really passionate about comics and comic book art, and a really nice bloke.
As I purchased a copy of a book called Jammer Slammer, it's got robots in it, he told me that R Nicholas Kuszyk (the writer/artist) was local and that his murals could be found dotted around Brooklyn.
A slight detour was in order,
and it wasn't long before we came across examples of his work.
And I was in Robot Heaven.
I'm a bit of a fan of street art, if it's done well and isn't just someone's initials, and this cetainly ticks all my boxes.
Maybe next time I visit Brooklyn I'll come across some more of his work. I certainly enjoyed looking at the few that I found and also his great little comic book.
Well, off to London's Kapow!! Convention next weekend. Pop over and say 'Hi' if you're in the neighbourhood. I might be found sketching robots at the Accent UK table, but I certainly won't be found doing so outside on a huge wall. I wouldn't know where to start.

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