Sunday, 6 May 2012

Robot Shorts reviewed in SFX.

I was very pleasantly surprised when sitting down to read this month's SFX (well, actually my daughter nabbed it first and told me to look at page 38 when it was my turn)...
when I got to Page 38 my eye was drawn to the Fanzines insert...
I recognised that cover...
Wow, what an encouraging review of our little book of Robot tales. It's this kind of thing that really helps us small press and independent creators carry on with our passion.
Thanks again to Steve Holder for his great artwork and Andy Bloor for the cover design.


  1. Not just cover design remember :-)

  2. True ... cover to cover design ... and pin-up :o)

  3. Great stuff Dave, seems Robot Shorts is making a bit of a splash, hope it they don't short-circuit!

  4. Ah ... and there's a story I should have included ... cheers Colin.