Tuesday, 20 December 2011

World's Fastest Man mentioned...

... forgot to mention that Whatever Happened To The World's Fastest Man? gets a nice mention at the end of a very comprehensive Thought Bubble review over at http://www.starburstmagazine.com/columnscols4/adventures-on-alternative-earthsby-pm-buchan/1441-thought-bubble-2011... right near the end...


  1. hi Dave all looks very amazing - its Louise Jane's friend in Orkney have card for you all but lost old address book please can you forward your address? !! x

  2. And World's Fastest Man mentioned again.


    Thumbs up, Mr. West.

  3. Thanks ... it looks like a positive review going by the score at the bottom ... great to see it's still being enjoyed over there.

  4. Ha ... my Google Account is working again .. no idea what caused it and so none the wiser as to what fixed it. I'm just thankful that it's all better now.