Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Hey ... that's not the Blue Beetle !!!

Following on from my wife's comment that the Accent UK table looks a little boring these days, it has only comics on it and nothing to catch the eye of passing punters, I've been playing around with the Blue Beetle figure that comes with that monthly magazine. You know the one, a different DC character with each issue.
So I took the Blue Beetle figurine... add some Milliput, a few bits and bobs and some paint and converted him into The Mite-E.The Mite-E is a character who appears in a few stories in Robot Shortsit's great that he has his own figurine :o)
Sadly though he's pretty small and so won't make much of an impression stood on the stall next to some comic books... so it's back to plan A, which is to make a papermache robot or two ...

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