Saturday, 3 July 2010

It was the 22nd June and Norman's internet purchase wasn't all he'd hoped for...

... he'd wanted 'Three Lions' on his shirt and not 'Three lines'. Still, in a couple of days it'd turn out to be a wise purchase.

'Norman' has been created by Dave Hughes and you can read a load of gags about him over on Dave's blog (follow the link on the right), They always make me chuckle so I decided to vent my frustration at England's World Cup performance through Norman.

Norman is copyright Dave Hughes.


  1. Thanks for this one, Dave. I went over to his blog and read a few. Very funny and clever. I'm going to start following him. I need you to translate for me though...what the hell are "pet nappies"?

  2. Fantastic Dave! can I post & link on my blog?

    Hya Doc, I'm sure Mojo will concur that pet nappies are only available in Belgium. I prefer to use a large litter tray for my elephant.

  3. You certainly can .. it'd be an honour to have something of mine on your site ... I'll send you the image.

  4. Ouch, I'd better check my language next time? (Dave, you're right, litter tray is better and greener (but just make sure it's large enough, though)).

    I really like the style of this drawing, I think I'll learn a lot here.