Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Captain America loves all creatures ....

So, Capt America is off to foil another of the Red Skull's evil plots to take over the world, but has a bit of an accident on the way. This delay could spell 'doom' for mankind, but at least the bunny is OK.


  1. And the thing is Cap would probably do that too cos he really is a good guy, one of my all time favourite super heroes!!!
    I cannot wait to see this new movie!
    Love the pic Dave, now draw the RedSkull doing summat odd PUUUH-LEASE!!!

  2. wow...wow! um, wow, That is so cool!

  3. I can't wait for the movie either .. I'm a relatively recent convert to Captain America to be honest ... I love what Ed Brubaker is doing with the character ... I really really really hope they don't mess the film up ... it has such potential.

    ... Red Skull ? Blimey ... something to ponder.

    Thanks for the comment Mr. Spintzdee :o)