Tuesday, 30 March 2010

'' That's not Batman !!! ''

... 'His nose is too big ... his ears don't go like that and his car doesn't have smoke like that coming out the back.'
Well, my daughter's views on my latest little illustration are quite clear :o)
The title was going to be 'Batman takes a leasurely Sunday drive in the country ... what could possibly go wrong ?', but my daughter would probably have commented that he doesn't look like Batman at all, so I went with her title instead ;o)
Everyone's a critic ....


  1. I love the art AND your daughters "analysis". ;)

  2. And yet this is the stuff that I love, I would read this Batmans adventures or lack of them if they were for sale, Batman going door to door asking is there were any crimes you needed solving.
    I dont want Grim Dark Batman he is boring, I love those Bizarro books D.C did a few years back where all sorts of alternative creators did there thang with the characters.
    I would kill to do something like that.

  3. Ha! Damn, Steve has an eye for details, eh?

  4. I no longer show my work to my daughter, and have put this up on the site without her editorial input ;o)

    Well spotted Steve ... yep ... that is a scarecrow in the background, and who knows ... maybe even The Scarecrow.

    Thanks for your comments everyone ... like INDIO! I'd love to see a Batman who is not quite as successful as the one in about 20 comics every month ... maybe one day ;o)