Saturday, 31 October 2009

Robot Shorts - A to Z. I is for .....

It's been a busy few weeks, October and November being Comics Convention season over here in the UK are typically busy, but this year we've added to the problem with Whatever Happened To The World's Fastest Man ? hitting the November's Diamond PREVIEWS catalogue.

Good news is that it has been given a SPOTLIGHT box around the listing, which will hopefully raise it to the attention of retailers as they make their orders. Bad news is that the same PREVIEWS catalogue has so may cross over events from DC and Marvel that I can see the retailers having very little spare cash with which to try something new, which is probably the DC/Marvel plan. Still, we've emailed reviews and low res PDF link out to about 800 retailers across the globe, mostly in the USA, so we'll have to see.

I'm off to a DAMA conference next week ... nothing to do with LOST I'm sorry to say, just a Data Conference ... to do with the day job ... sigh.


  1. Now thats some Heavy metal!
    Come on Dave lets see you draw Call me Kenneth!
    Great stuff!

  2. This one is my first comic book robot and appeared in the now 'impossible to find' More Than We Seem .... I got Bob Layton to do a commission of it once .. now that is some artwork !!!