Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Robot Shorts - A to Z. G is for .....

Just recovering from a really busy and productive BICS event. Sold a good number of Whatever Happened To The World's Fastest Man ? and even some copies of Strange Times Book 1. GOSH Comics in London took a few copies of the latter for their store as mentioned on their blog, you'll have to scroll down the full entry for The Gosh! Authority 07/10/09 but it is there :o).

Andy Bloor helped out once again and drew (uh oh .. pun alert) in a queue of people by sketching Wolfmen ... which resulted in them wanting to buy a copy ... they even bought a copy when he drew other requested characters .. a punk ... Thanos .. Dr. Strange and Batman ... hmmm ... Dr. Strange ... not a bad name that one ...

It was great to meet so many people I'd only ever spoken to electronically and I'll apologise now to anyone who I may have blanked a little ... I'll blame it on my state of mind over the weekend, the poor lighting and my age ... I've already apologised to one person by email (Sorry again Mr Hughes) ... hopefully I didn't do it to anyone else.

I bought a few books over the weekend and so far have read Grandville from Bryan Talbot and Thomas Wogan is Dead from Dave Hughes. They're very different and both a very good.

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