Sunday, 25 March 2018

A visit to Glasgow to see Black Panther with Jemma.

A few weekends ago I popped up (I say 'popped up' but it's actually a long way) to Glasgow to visit Jemma and go and watch the latest Marvel blockbuster, the Blank Panther this time around.
As is usual when I visit Glasgow we spend a fair amount of time wandering around, having tea and chatting.
In Glasgow it's best to keep moving in case you get picked up by some giant.
In one of the cafes it amused me to see that you could buy 'Bean on Toast' and I remembered that time when Gary Erskine asked for 9 beans (I think it was) as a Premier Inn and was given exactly that. Looks like he'd have to talk the one bean up when in Glasgow City Centre though.
A bean on toast for only £2.50
It was also interesting to note that the film festival was on and the posters around the city highlighted mixing genres. This one reminded me of WesterNoir...
Maybe one day it will be, you never know.
I had a really enjoyable few days. We talked comics, film and books amongst other things. Jemma helped me with a book I'm writing and I, hopefully, helped her with a comic she's writing. The Black Panther was excellent although for me it was just pipped by the latest Thor movie.
And then it was time to go home.
And at the train station I noticed that Glasgow welcomed all, it even had a shower cubicle for Daleks. No idea why they get singled out...

Or maybe it's somewhere to hang you Dalek vehicle whilst you scuttle around the city centre.

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