Sunday, 31 December 2017

The 42nd Post.

A bit of a change to my usual 'last post of the year' and as I write this I worry that I am becoming a grumpy old man.
My first smart phone was an iPhone.
My current smart phone is an iPhone.
It is the same phone and I've had it for about 4 years now.
To me 4 years isn't very long at all.
I have an iPhone 5C.
For 4 years I've been pretty happy with it. I do love its ease of use.
I bought my daughter an iPhone 5S a year ago.
The only real difference being the amount of storage capacity, her's is much bigger than mine and the size of mine was a mistake from the start. A mistake that has caused me to be careful with the number of applications I download and to have to frequently manage the space, deleting emails and managing photos etc.
It was something that I've managed to get my head around and something that I've been able to deal with, although it has been frustrating at times.
Now I'm getting messages to upgrade to iOS version 11, from 10.3.3.
I worried about the fact that doing so might actually grab a bit more of my most precious smart phone resource:- Space.
From SETTINGS I can see that the 10.3.3 iOS takes a hungry 578.8 MB. That seems a lot to me but its a great little device so I'm sure its all for a good reason.
I asked my daughter what iOS she was on.
'iOS 11' she informed me, as if that's what everyone should be on.
'How much space does that use?' I asked.
'1.36 GB' she said, 'and I'm running out of space.'
Bloody marvellous.
I don't have that much space, it's been ages since I have had that much space. I can't afford to lose that much space. I've long since run out of sacrificial applications.
And what on earth is Apple doing between versions that requires so much extra space anyway?
I feel that I'm being ripped off by Apple.
They have been caught out already for nudging people to upgrade their devices to the latest version by slowing down older machines.
I think they are also making the smaller capacity phones obsolete by guzzling up as much space as they can get away with in their operating systems.
Sadly I think I'll be moving to Android next year when my contract expires.
I love the iPhone.
But I'm sick of being taken for a mug...

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