Sunday, 10 September 2017

London MCM - Ouch.

Well, we've failed to get a table at the MCM in London this October.
It'll be the first we've missed for a very long time and a shame but we just didn't manage to get our order in in time. The tables had gone in 5 minutes.
It's great that there is so much creativity out there, with so much interest in selling work at Conventions and I sure it'll be a great event.
Let's hope we're luckier next year.

We are at the Glasgow MCM in a couple of weeks though, so not all bad.


  1. Eh? We are going to London Dave!! Accent UK will have our normal table and lots of new stock in the show's Comic Village!!

    Think you've been sniffing too much of the collage glue! 😉

  2. Ha ... of course you're right ... I misread my emails ... London MCM wouldn't be the same without Accent UK.