Saturday, 5 November 2016


This is our closest event. For Gary it's just down the road and for me it's a 20 minute drive. A little further for Colin but it makes a change him coming out our way as it's usually us picking him up on the way to Manchester or Liverpool.
It's a smaller event than either of those MCM shows but as we arrived we could tell that it was one that was appreciated by the locals. We were made to feel very welcome.
There's a University degree course in Comic Books (didn't have that in my day) and a lot of the students and lecturers were present and we had been asked it we'd give a talk to the students the following day, I couldn't make it, running out of holiday days with my day job, but Gary and Colin were up for it.
The Con itself was quite but pleasant.
We did sell a decent number of books, met new customers, chatted to Paul Birch (who popped in) about the new Birmingham Comic Event next year (which we'll be attending) and caught up with the crazily talented Frazer Irving.
All in all a great day.
Hope we can make next year.

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