Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Edinburgh Comic Convention.

We'd heard good things about the previous two Edinburgh Comic Conventions but due to clashes with some of our regular events we'd never been able to make it up to Edinburgh before. This year it had moved to its new venue at the EICC.
It's a long way from Crewe to Edinburgh.
It's a 4 hour drive or, as Colin found out, a 5 hour train journey.
Anyway, let's not focus on the negatives. Let's talk about the positives.
The new venue promised to prevent any of the over crowding complaints of the first two Cons and the very central location made this very easy for fans to find. As a relative newbie to Edinburgh even I managed to find the place. Finding the loading bay proved more of a challenge though, but it didn't defeat me.
Saturday morning then found us all ready and raring to go. The one table meant that we had to leave some titles at home, notably my little hard covers but the table still looked great, with a wide range of titles.
It was your typical slow start but at around 11.30am it got really busy and this period pretty much lasted until around 3pm.
During this time we sold out all but three of the WesterNoir - First Season Sketch-packs.
At 3pm however it went very quiet and sadly that lasted for the rest of the day until closure.
Saturday night saw us in a Curry house talking about the day. The Con had a really good feel to it. Plenty of people were interested in what we were doing, everyone was there to have a good time and whilst the Scottish Mr. Fudge seemed to be doing well, he hadn't sold out, which for me is a good sign as it says people were wanting to spend their money on other things ... like comics.
Sunday was actually almost a duplicate of Saturday, almost down to the number of comics we sold.
The main difference was that there were more families on the Sunday.
Having learned not to send Colin for coffees, as they are always
cold by the time I get them, I asked for water this time.
I found him chatting away as expected, and discovered that
lukewarm water is almost as bad.
There wasn't as much cosplay as there is at other events, but I think that'll change over the years ahead. The costumes that were on display however were pretty impressive. This one of Baby Groot was fabulous and she even did the dance.
And it's always great when someone in SteamPunk clothing buys a copy of Stephenson's Robot. OK, I gave this lady a copy as a thank you for the photograph, although she did buy a couple of anthologies which was nice.
At the end of a thoroughly enjoyable two days we'd met a lot of new customers, met a few who we'd seen before in Glasgow, chatted to a lot of very interesting people, seen some great costumes and had customers come and buy more on the Sunday having read of their purchases from the Saturday.
A great show that we'll return to.
Once we've recovered...


  1. Great photos Dave, 'course you know the answer is to get your own coffees next time :)

  2. Ha ... where's the fun in that :o)