Saturday, 22 August 2015

When Giant Monsters Attack Beautiful People Die Podcast.

Colin and I were invited to sit in on an episode of the 'When Giant Monsters Attack Beautiful People Die' Podcast on Thursday.
We had a really enjoyable time, and had probably chatted for more than an hour before Dan and Dave actually started the session formally with their standard introduction.
They said it was set in a shed and it really was ...
The perfect little getaway from the house.
We were treated to biscuits, donuts and coffee, and I must say that I was very impressed with Bucky, the resident dog, as he never once tried to steal anything from me or even give me that ''You're not going to eat that whole biscuit yourself are you ?'' look.
Colin wolfs down some biscuits
whilst Bucky is away somewhere...
Yep, a very enjoyable evening.
Having listened to the podcast now, I'm amazed at how often I say 'Yeah' ... blimey ... I'll try to teach myself to just say it in my head in future.
Here's the podcast link...

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