Wednesday, 17 June 2015

The Launch of the new GEEKBOX store.

The GeekBox store has been very supportive of Accent UK books over the past 6 months or so, and so when Dave (the owner) invited us to take part on the launch of his new, larger and better located store, it seemed like a good chance to reciprocate.
Saturday the 13th June then was the day the new store opened and Dave had arranged to have a band, photographers for junior cosplayers, gaming competitions and Accent UK in attendance. Oh, and the Mayor did the official opening...
It sounds crazy and it was.
It's a good job that the new store is bigger as you would never have squeezed all the people who turned up on the day into the old premises.
Gary Crutchley and I were there representing Accent UK on this occasion, giving Colin a well deserved break, and we happily chatted to anybody who ventured too close :o)
We sold some books, talked about comics and had a very nice cup of Earl Grey Tea from the In Store Coffee Shop.
A really enjoyable day in a store that has loads of space and someone creative enough running the show to make best use of it all.
Highlight for me was that a customer who came up to the stall asking for Stephenson's Robot #2... sorry .. it's not out yet .. but it will be soon....

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