Saturday, 21 February 2015

Stephenson's Robot starts to get some interest.

As we found with WesterNoir when we brought out Issue 1, it takes a few issues to really start to build a little buzz around a title.
And so it is proving with Stephenson's Robot.
Everybody that sees it on the table at Cons stops and picks it up. Some of those people are not into Steampunk or Robots and comment on the art and quality of the book before putting it down and moving on.
A larger percentage however are intrigued by what they see behind its cover, and pay the £3 required to learn more.
Patrick Scattergood over at the Curiosity of a Social Misfit review site has enjoyed most, if not all, of the Accent UK books that he has reviewed and Stephenson's Robot is no exception. Pop over to his blog and see what he thinks.
Stephenson's Robot isn't available in many stores, as we haven't taken it to Diamond yet (so email me at for details if you'd like to buy a copy) but it's great to see it on the shelf with all those other great titles.
At Millennium Comics in Northwich it has pride of place sat next to Andy Bloor's Midnight Man ... great company indeed.

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