Thursday, 9 January 2014

Small Invisible Man update.

It's always difficult to know how well your comic books are doing once the boxes leave the house and are shipped around the globe through Diamond distribution. Every now and then I use an internet search to see if there are any reviews or comments.
It's encouraging to come across an article that indicates that it's selling out at Diamond after only a week..., but then again we didn't get a huge order when you compare it with any of the big companies so it's no surprise I guess.
Haven't managed to find any recent reviews though, so I'm not sure what those people who have picked up a copy think of it.


  1. Congartulations to you and artist Joe Campbell, Dave, its well deserved, lets hope The Invisible Man can still be found somewhere!

  2. Ha, yes it's a really encouraging bit of information. Great to know that the books are not sat in a Diamond warehouse somewhere gathering dust.
    I've seen a couple in the comic shop in Northwich but none in Manchester stores.

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