Sunday, 15 December 2013

WesterNoir in Curiosity Of A Social Misfit's Top 10 comic books of 2013.

Yep, our WesterNoir series has been selected by Pat Challis in his ''2013's Top Ten Comic Book Releases!'' list. You can read the full list and see how high we got over at Curiosity of a Social Misfit.
We've a lot planned for Josiah Black and the world he wanders, and are planning an accompanying series called Tales of WesterNoir, which will let us tell stories about the other characters that cross Josiah Black's path. I've already written a short story about Jim Wilson, yep, the bloke who died in issue 1, and an artist has accepted the job of bringing the words to life.
I'll be meeting up with Gary sometime soon and he'll no doubt have his story written up as well. I know he also has an artist lined up but we'll announce who they are when the books are closer to seeing print.


  1. Honestly best news ever! To have a spin off from WesterNoir has made my year cannot wait to hear some more about it. Have a great Christmas Dave.

  2. Thanks Aaron, Have a great Christmas break .. see you the Comic Cons in 2014.