Sunday, 3 November 2013

Stoptober... is over.

It can be said that we eat far to many cookies, cakes and sweets in the office.
So I decided at the beginning of October, well my waistline actually said it but I tend to listen to my stomach, that for the whole of October I'd sample none of the wares that littered the cabinets not 10 foot from my desk.
I succeeded, and it wasn't easy.
Friday was the 1st of November.
Stoptober had... stopped.
I was dashing from one meeting to another, as is typcial with me (time management never being a strength) when I passed my desk to spot a large Millie's Cookies box just sat there...
Seems my decision on what cookie to get in celebration had been made for me.
It's a massive cookie... or was...
No, I didn't eat it all myself, as this would have resulted in my taking on all the calories that I'd avoided in October in one cookied munching session.
Thanks to everyone on the team who contributed to the gift, and more importantly helped me to eat it.

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