Thursday, 1 August 2013

Mermaid Sightings.

Well I'm just back from a too brief visit to North Wales and Anglesey.
Whilst there we were determined this time to pay a visit to Port Meirion (of the original The Prisoner TV series fame).
I never realised before our visit that there was a Mermaid connection, but everywhere I looked I seemed to spot one. The entry ticket had a stylised version...
I spotted this carving of a not-so-attractive version...
and then found the ironwork of gates and railings to sport another nicely designed one...

and then there was this hard-to-spot one that had weathered a bit over the years, and looks a lot clearer in the photo than it did gazing up at it...
All these Mermaids were certainly very inspiring, and if we hadn't just had an issue of WesterNoir where Mermaids were the central monsters, then... and then it dawned on me.
Hadn't Gary Crutchley visited Port Meirion not so long ago ?
Wasn't it Gary who was so keen that we work Mermaids into issue 3 of WesterNoir ?
Yep... it's all so clear now.
Mermaids were still working their magic on unsuspecting men.
I wonder where Gary is off to next ?
Maybe the plot of a future issue of WesterNoir will make it all clear.

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