Sunday, 12 May 2013

Getting ready for the Copenhagen Comics Convention.

It's been a few years, I think maybe 3 but would need to do some digging to be sure, since we attended the last Komiks.DK in Copenhagen and we've really missed both the trip and our friends over there. It'll be great to catch up and talk about what we've all done since.
We're going to be a little more limited in terms of what we can carry over with us this year as it's just me and Colin. Previously our friends Chris and/or Scott have come over with us but sadly this year they're not able to do so. We'll miss them both.
We're both really looking forward to it though, it's always been one of our favourite Cons and hopefully the name change will be just that, a change in its name.
I've been busy this month with the day job and the impact that a such a significant change in the Organistional Design of the company brings, but am still finding the odd moment to be creative.
Gary Crutchley has been great keeping WesterNoir 3 progressing, and has worked wonders with my script to produce a book that sets things up really well for the final book in the story arc, even changing bits of scripting here and there to improve it all. A great collaborative effort. A big thanks to Gary for his efforts, and talent.
As I've not had much time to do my own 'art thing' lately and work on Strange Times 2, I've been playing with collages in my spare moments, cutting and sticking images on a page, I wish I could be more loose and random but I think for me that's not going to happen...
 If nothing else I'll have a little sketchbook full of images to look at should I great a creative block...


  1. Gutted I can't make it . Was really looking forward to going.Especially the beer drinking with Peter Snejbjerg.
    O the WESTERNoir BOOK 3 front, coming very close to finishing it...
    Tone's down on all but a few pages. Lettering is done (ahem) apart from a couple of pages.
    Starting to marry them all up.
    Just got a few tweaks, and a bit of background and Bob's ya uncle.
    Even got an image for the Next issue all sorted (ish.) not long now mate.

  2. That's great news Gary, thanks for all the hard work on the script as well as the artwork.

  3. oh ... forgot to respond to the first part of your message, I got too excited by the propsect of WaterNoir 3 hitting my inbox.
    It's a shame you can't make the Copenhagen Comic Con, we'll toast your good health with Mr Snejberg ... and don;t be too down about it .. there'll always be the next one, and we'll be well into the second WesterNoir Mini-sseries by then :o)