Sunday, 14 October 2012

Belmat gets selected for a Contemporary Craft Open Exhibition

On the insistence of my wife, I entered Belmat in the Contemporary Craft Open Exhibition at Unit Twelve, in Stafford. And he has been selected.
Both my wife and I love visiting galleries and workshops around the country and we have been drawn more to the 'craft' side of the art world these last few years.
I would never have considered entering Belmat, but Jane was convinced that he deserved to be seen by more more people and so I agreed, never expecting for him to be selected, but there you go, the little guy won through.
The exhibition will run 1st - 25th November, and all visitors will be entered into a prize draw to win £100 voucher to spend with
Sadly One-Eye wasn't selected, but he'll get over it I'm sure.
If you've not been to one of these Contemporary Craft Open Exhibitions before then I'd recommend it. Very inspiring and it's amazing how many ideas from one medium can leak into another, so I'd be surprised if any comic creators who might happen to attend don't come away with some new ideas.

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