Sunday, 22 July 2012

WesterNoir gets the thumbs up from Starburst.

A great surprise this weekend as the latest issue of Starburst (issue 379) was delivered...
in that it contained a review of our first issue of Westernoir...

A great review (I must confess that Gary actually added a lot to the dialogue of Issue 1, which improved it and no doubt impressed Starburst... there... my conscience is clear :o), which I read before setting off to a great Convention at the MCM in Manchester, where we sold plenty of copies and artist/co-creator Gary Crutchley was on hand to show people the first 13 pages of issue 2.
It was good to meet Daniel Brown again at the Con, who won the piece of Gary's artwork at KAPOW!, if only to prove to Gary that he did exist and that I hadn't spirited the page away into my own collection :o)
I'll post a full report on the Event over on the AccentUK blog... soon.

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