Sunday, 22 April 2012

From Comiket to Mocca

Well, we had a great time at the Comiket convention in London yesterday (you can read a very brief report over at the Accent UK news and reviews blog), and I'm now thinking about packing my bags for Mocca, NYC, USA
Comiket was a first for a number of things from me this time around... first appearance at a Con of Robot Shorts, first appearance at a Con of The One-Eyed-Robot and also first appearance of the first Robots Shorts - A to Z of Robots Greetings Card ...
I added colour to the black and white (and grey) version that appears in the Robot Shorts book, and it looks really nice (and shiny). Hopefully tomorrow will see, along with the delivery of our first WesterNoir comic, the arrival of the second card (in the possible series) with Belmat.

I had to change the text a little to let him stand on his own, as it were, so the 'Belmat however was real big and mean..' becomes 'Belmat 2000 was real big and mean...'.
Tomorrow I'll start to pack my bags ready for flying out on Thursday... lots of copies of WesterNoir Issue 1 ... can't wait to see it... and get it on our table at Mocca... Stuart at UK COMICS CREATIVE has once again pulled all the stops to turn the WesterNoir printing around in a very short time... so a big thanks to him, as always.


  1. Excellent stuff Dave, Gary and Andy, looking forward to seeing and selling Westernoir at MoCCA!!

    Colin M