Saturday, 24 March 2012

WesterNoir ... nearly there ...

I've just printed off and read Gary Crutchley's pages for our first issue of WesterNoir, and they are great. As always Gary has done wonders and the story flows very nicely.
This comic came about following a chat with Andy Bloor, where he suggested we work together on a kind of film noire detective in the Wild West, and whilst Andy was happy with how I took this concept, he quickly realised that he would struggle to fit it in amongst his other commitments and so he took the script to Gary to see if he'd be willing to take it on.
Gary liked what he saw, suggested a few changes most of which I took on board and then we were off and running. Andy has reamined involved, designing the cover around an image of Gary's, for example, and is designing the whole book.
This will be the Accent UK book to follow ZOMBIES 2, and is our first traditional comic sized effort, at 28 pages.

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