Monday, 29 August 2011

What has happened to Strange Times ?

Please forgive me reader.
It has been many weeks since my last posting.
I've been very busy throughout this time, progressing Robot Shorts and ZOMBIES 2, and have had little time to spare for Strange Times, either the blog or the weekly web-comic. I've also been busy sorting out the second printing of the Strange Times hard cover edition.
I confess that I have taken advantage of the Accent UK website re-construction, which prevented me from putting up new Strange Times pages, and promise that once the new site is up, and we've sorted out how to get Strange Times back on there, I will get back to the weekly schedule.
Apologies to those who read this strange little tale.

On a more positive note, PREDATORS is now out and should be in comic shops soon, if you asked them to get you a copy, and I do have a few pages of work in that one. I'm particularly pleased with the two one pagers ...


  1. About time, Dave, I'm a waiting with bated breath. And on another note it were crackin' seeing you on Saturday, Predators is one crackin' book. Every home should have a copy, two in some cases.

  2. Thanks Gary, Great to see you as well and talk about WesterNoir and see your art on it so far. Your work is excellent as ever and I can't be happier with what you're bringing to the book.