Sunday, 26 September 2010

Wolfmen Figures...

Well I've created my two Wolfmen figures ahead of the Store Signing at Whatever Comics in Canterbury on the 2nd October.
Merging Reservoir Dogs and Dog Soldiers figures, when seemed only appropriate, adding plenty of milliput and then a lick of paint and there you go.. what could be simpler :o)
One of these I'll keep and the other is a gift for Andy Bloor, a small thank you for all the hours he's spent slaving over a drawing board to produce another great piece of almost cinematic story telling. Over to you to choose which one you'd like Andy... they look better in person than on the photographs so you might want to wait until you see them for real.


  1. They are absolutely Brilliant! HA! HA! HA!I love them!

  2. Great idea, Dave. They look awesome too!

  3. They are Corkin'.
    Well jealous. No chance of making any more for BIC's then.

  4. Thanks guys ... can't see me making any more though ... took too much time away from all the other things I need to be doing ... pleased with how they came out though.