Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Robot Shorts - A to Z. A is for ............

OK ... so as a break from Strange Times, I've been playing with building a little book all about Robots ... it'll always take a back seat to Strange Times, but once that has been finished I'm hoping that my Robots book will be well on its way ... part of the book is an A to Z of Robots .. inspired I guess by Edward Gorey .... and maybe a little Dr Seuss ... putting these images somewhere more public than my study will hopefully get me to finish them off .. so here we go .. A is for Androx ... I'll aim for one a week .. see how I get on :o)


  1. this is a lovely page and a neat idea, dave
    (planned on doing something similar with an a-z of monsters, not enuff time, but y never know). should be another treat!

    you are getting damned good at this stuff, i'm hooked on STRANGE TIMES.

  2. If you ever need a home for a monsters A to Z I'm sure MONSTER BITES will follow ROBOT SHORTS .. may be a few years off of course :o)

    Glad you're enjoying Strange Times ... I love making it up :o)